Gerard Classic Tile

Form and function sets Gerard’s Classic Tile profile apart from the pack. This is our original stone coated steel roofing tile designed to deliver performance and results far and above any expectations in the industry, repeatedly and reliably, under the most testing of weather conditions. Aside from its robustly designed interlocking characteristic and uniquely different and very attractive appearance once fitted, each Classic Tile boasts 7 valleys to channel the water and corresponding ridges and high points designed for watertight fastening. This is the true thoroughbred of metal tile designed and engineered to take full advantage of metal characteristics as a roofing material. A Gerard stone coated Classic Tile metal roof takes steel roofing to new heights in reliability, performance and beauty.

Conventional shingles and roofing tiles are not water proof, and need to be maintained and treated for mold and fungus growth. Conventional roofing material also rely heavily on a water/vapor barrier underlayment which can dry out over time and be breached. Our stone coated steel tiles are categorized as a “dry under-deck” roofing system, and will keep your roof deck dry year round under the most testing of conditions. A variety of trim choices including fascias and valleys are available to create a perfectly finished and beautiful roof that will stand the test of time. Gerard’s stone coated steel roofing tiles also offer you the best protection against wind, fire, & hail, improved home value, while delivering decade after decade of performance and beautiful looks!

Owners of our stone coated steel roofing products will also likely enjoy insurance premium reductions thanks to the fact that our metal roofing tiles will never break or blow off as do conventional cement or terracotta tiles. If you are interested in the look of a three-dimensional tile profile, consider also our Gerard Barrel Vault tile, or Gerard Canyon Shake tile.