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Lastime Roofing Has Proudly Served The Nebraska and Iowa Communities Since 1997

Since then we have expanded our services to include installations in a 6 state area

The next time you need Roofing, Siding, Windows or Gutters.

Our professional staff has accumulated more than 30 years experience and know how to provide our clients with the right solutions for their problems. We take pride in providing high quality products and thus our slogan “Next time you need a roof, make it the Lastime”

Our home office is located in Omaha, NE

Specializing in Stone Coated Metal Roofing. we also do asphalt, siding, windows, and gutters. Our metal roofing has a lifetime, non prorated warranty with a 2 1/2 inch hail and 120 mph wind warranty. Make this time your Lastime!  

Make it the LASTIME

An Investment Above the Rest!

The initial cost of installing a  Stone Coated Steel Roof is more than the cost of installing asphalt roof. However, homeowners will end up saving a significant amount of money over time because they will never have to install another roof, other way to save is potential insurance discounts. A  Stone Coated Steel Roof will also add to the resale value and beauty of your home, it increases the value of the home. Also, in many states homeowners insurance companies will lower the insurance premiums by up to 20% when homeowners install the proven protection of a Stone Coated Steel Roof or any class 4 product.

Give Your Home A Beauty Makeover!

Whatever style, color or finish you currently have on your roof, you will likely be able to find a similar or matching Stone Coated Steel Roof. Whether you like the look of asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shake, or slate, you can find a Stone Coated Steel Roof that fits your personal taste.

Strength for the Long Run!

Mother nature can be brutal sometimes, especially on a non-steel roof. Non-steel roofs begin deteriorating immediately after they are installed due to damaging UV rays, expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, and the damaging effects of hailstones, heavy snow pack, ice, and wind. A Stone Coated Steel Roof has the strength and durability to withstand these extreme weather conditions while still having the ability to protect your home for a lifetime.

Beautifully Efficient!

There’s more to the beautiful look and design of a Stone Coated Steel Roof than what meets the eye. Lighter-colored steel roofs are designed to reflect the heat of the sun to save you costs on cooling bills during the summer. Also, the “dead air” buffer zone that will exist between your new and old roof can help to insulate against heat loss during the winter. In both cases, a Stone Coated Steel Roof is a beautiful way to save on energy bills.

Make this time your Lastime!

When you weigh the features and advantages provided by Lastime Exteriors Stone Coated Steel Roof against alternative roofing options, you’ll find it hard to beat. So, how do you calculate the value of your investment? Keep in mind that Lastime Exteriors Stone Coated Steel Roof offers a lifetime warranty!

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Standing Up for Durability!  

If you hear that metal roofs shouldn’t be walked on, you are not being told about a Stone Coated Steel Roof.  These roofs feature an interlocking panel design and rugged 26-gauge galvanized steel construction.  The installation methods we offer provide for a roof that can be walked on under normal conditions.

When you compare the features and benefits offered by a Stone Coated Steel Roof to other roofing materials, you’d realize that there really is no better option. So how can you determine what your investment will amount to?

Remember that a Stone Coated Steel Roof comes with a lifetime warranty!